Currently, 70% of websites are hackable. Luckily, with the web vulnerability scanner Acunetix you will be able to circumvent the statistics, and anticipate any irruption to your systems to ensure the total security of your web applications. With Acunetix you can have an automated tool for web application security capable of scanning any website (including those with HTML5, JavaScript and PHP) and detect vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting and XXS attacks. TEST

Why have a web vulnerability scanner?

Nowadays the success of any company depends on the quality of its web services. This quality is intimately linked to their ability to provide total security to their users. Therefore, the acquisition of a web vulnerability scanner is essential today more than ever.  In this context and considering the rapid evolution of threats, it is necessary for organizations to have cutting-edge tools, such as Acunetix.

Automatic Tracking

Acunetix’s web vulnerability scanner uses its crawlers to analyze your website’s directories. This way it is able to audit your systems automatically to detect anomalies.

Available for any website

Acunetix is able to scan any website that is accessible via Http or Https. It can also analyze applications based on HTML5 (which can represent a great challenge due to its use of complex libraries) and Javascript.

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